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KTBAM is Kentish Town’s local masjid. It caters for the five daily prayers throughout the day, although remains closed outside of prayer times during summer time. The masjid currently accommodates approximately 250-300 people, a fifth of whom attend the regular congregational prayers. However, the current facility is unable to accommodate the entire community; as such, it urgently requires redevelopment.

Since the formation of KTBAM, Friday Jumua’h prayer has been regularly established – attracting a diverse range of regular attendees. A cumulative congregation of 600-700 individuals is catered for by the masjid, despite the shortage of space. Attendees, including the elderly and children, perform Salatul Jumua’h in the courtyard during both the blustery autumn and bitterly cold winter periods. An extension to the masjid is crucial to the provision of adequate space for an increasing number of Muslims in Kentish Town.

Being the only masjid in the area, most parents send their children to the masjid for weekend classes whenever possible. However, due to limited space, the students are divided into smaller classes and only a basic service can be provided, which is teaching how to correctly recite the Quran.

One of the main reasons for why we urgently need an extension of the masjid is to allow us to offer the local community a wider range of programmes for their children. This will equip them with the relevant information to learn their religion more comprehensively, developing the next generation of scholars and daees, with Allah’s permission.

Join us every Friday on our weekly Tafseer ul Quran.
Time: Summer time after Asr prayer, Winter time after Magrib prayer.
Speaker: Sheikh Maulana Habibur Rahamn
Full english tafseer

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