156-158 Weedington Road, London NW5 4NU
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Monday • 22 April 2024
• 13 Shawwal 1445
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Jama'ah 04:4501:3006:1508:1809:45
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Kentish Town is within the borough of Camden and home to a large population of Muslims. By the permission of Allah, the Kentish Town Baitul Aman Masjid’s (KTBAM) inception in 1998 stemmed from a group of brothers from the local community collaboratively renting a shop. After obtaining permission to pray there five times a day, the shop was renovated into a masjid. Successively, after 8 years, a second neighbouring shop was purchased on a lease, and combining the two shops into one space has resulted in the masjid that we have today.

Progressively, major refurbishment works have been carried out on the masjid, including fire exits, brand new wudhu khana/ablution area, new carpets, shutters, doors and a complete renovation of the house of Allah.

We are humbled to be part of a gracious community, who have continuously supported and donated to our masjid. KTBAM has a constituency in place; a management committee elected by the local community who run the masjid. In 2012, the charity commission board successfully formed the current committee active today.