Dear brother /sister

We hope by the will of Allah you are in the best of imaan and health.
By the grace of Allah we here in Kentish Town are in the process of purchasing the existing place of worship that was rented for over a decade,including the area attached to it.
The current place of worship attracts people from all backgrounds and ethnicity. The mosque runs several activities such as weekdays and weekend schools, tafseerul quran in English and other languages for all.
The place is overwhelmingly busy but regrettably there is insufficient space. There is demand for more.
The total price is 1.2 millionpounds, a deposit of £300,000 (three hundred thousand) has been paid to secure the building Alhamdulillah.
More information can be obtained from our website.
Please make dua Allah make it easy for us.
We humbly request you to give us an opportunity to raise funds at your place.
We wait for your response in anticipation as the completion date is March 2020.
May Allah reward you all.
جزاكم الله خيرا

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