Our Madrasa Details:
After the Masjid Committee and local Muslims recognised the lack of local Islamic tuition in the area, KTBAM first opened its doors in 1998 to cater for the growing Muslim community in North West London. After many years of struggle, by the grace of Allah, we finally established a weekend madrasa in 2013. The madrasa has allowed students to understand their religion and implement it into their daily lives and by extension the wider society. Currently, over 130 students study at the madrasa every Saturday and Sunday.
Our Aim: To educate and prepare the younger generation of this ummah for the real world through the dissemination of authentic knowledge and wisdom. This all underpinned by the teaching of outstanding akhlaq. We are careful to use methods derived directly from the Quran and Sunnah, aiming to emulate the way of the Salaf-e-Saliheen.

Class Times:
♦ Morning Quran & Tajweed classes start at 10am-1pm
♦ Hifz and Tajweed classes start at 2pm-5pm

Our Syllabus Structure:
♦ Learn the Arabic alphabet with correct pronunciation
♦ Recite the Quran with full confidence, fluently and with Tajweed
♦ Memorise up to 25 surahs from Juzz Amma and then carry on memorising as many surahs as possible
♦ Learn the correct method of offering salah/praying
♦ Learn the seerah/biography of the Prophet Mohammed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
♦ Memorise Hadeeth in Arabic and English
♦ General Islamic fiqh and jurisprudence sessions
♦ Supplications (duas and Kalimas)
♦ Akhlaq/character building

Enrolment Rules:

♦ Children must be active and enthusiastic in their learning
♦ Be encouraged to work with each other
♦ Be challenged in each area of learning
♦ Study under the guidance of competent teachers in a pleasing environment
♦ Wear madrasa uniform at all times
♦ Parents must make sure all homework is completed to the highest of standards

Fees & Policies:
♦ Morning session – £35 per month
♦  Hifz class – £60 per month
♦  Payments must be made in advance without any delay
♦  Study books must be purchased whenever required
♦  A discount on fees is available to families with more than two children attending the madrasa
There is a waiting list present for children wishing to join the madrasa. For any enrolment queries, please contact our Head of Madrasa Hafiz Mohammed Akhtar Hussain in the masjid office during weekends.

Exam & Ceremony:
Children are required to take two exams a year for morning classes and three exams for hifz classes. All exams are compulsory.
We have a regular assembly where different teachers provide naseeha/Islamic lectures to our students. An annual prize-giving jalsa/ceremony is held every year, attended by parents, the local community, media and established scholars.

We will notify you in advance before Eid, Ramadan, Ashura and end of term holidays commence; you may also view our yearly planner to note exact dates.

Our Teachers:
♦ Head Teacher: Hafiz Maulana Salman Ahmed
♦ Hafiz Maulana Wahiduzzaman Iqbal
♦ Hafiz Anwar Miah
♦ Hafiz Sayed Hasan Usama
♦ Hafiz Nishat Harun
♦ Miss Sumayya akther

All of our teachers are fully DBS-checked, experienced and qualified from well-known institutes worldwide and have studied under the guidance of humble and pious Shuyookh of the deen, such as Shiekh Maulana Fozlur Rahim of South Africa.
We have regular teacher training lessons and are fully aware of all teaching regulations.
The teachers follow a unique syllabus structure, which they have diligently constructed, ensuring every student benefits and utilises their time and efforts effectively. Each lesson is catered to the students’ capabilities, ensuring they’re progressing at their own pace.
We are always on the look out for experienced and qualified teachers to join our madrasa. If you are interested in joining us as a teacher, or know anyone who may be, please contact our Head Teacher, providing a CV.

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